We offer a range of pre-designed gift hampers, or we invite you to work directly with us to create your own gift hampers and gift boxes. including branded items that are unique to you. This is a free service.


Our gifts will not only impress your recipient, but they’ll become a talking point among their family and friends.

Step 1 - Choose Your Contents

To get started, simply let us know your budget and your item preferences choose whatever products you’d like - the choice is yours and we’ll source them for you.

Image by Dmitry Mashkin

Step 2 - Pick Your Hamper or Gift Box

We have three sizes available:

  • Small Hamper: 1-4 items

  • Medium Hamper: 5-8 items

  • Large Hamper: 9+ items

You can also add a personalised message if you wish.

Gift Bundles

Step 3 - Select Your Delivery Option

Select your preferred delivery method; collect from Gravesend or North London or send us the delivery address. If you are sending to many addresses, we’ll assign the products to each address.


Once you're happy you’ve chosen all you need, simply make payment to us. Easy.

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